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Ventialtion for offshore living quarter
Halton has years of experience in delivering ventilation for offshore living quarters

The Cabin Ventilation provider for Offshore Environments and Offshore Substations

Halton has supplied user-friendly and energy-efficient ventilation solutions for over 150,000 cabins in marine environments. The company offers three different type of cabin ventilation solutions for offshore: system based on cabin units, fancoils and now chilled beams.

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Offshore cabin photo courtesy of Geschwender Interiors Ltd.

Typical challenges in cabin ventilation

Thermal comfort inside cabin is really a subjective and based on individual person’s satisfaction level; meaning some people feel that the temperature of +23 Celsius degrees is perfect for them as another people feel total discomfort. Most people feel comfortable at cabin temperatures ranging between 20 to 22 Celsius degrees but as said, this can vary greatly between individuals. But it is not all about the air temperature. Good thermal conditions are also about things like humidity, mean radiant temperature, air velocity, the amount of fresh air, air distribution, air filtration and sound levels and even – believe it or not – whether the cabins are cleaned with central vacuum cleaning system or not. Central vacuum cleaning system does not circulate the dust back to the indoor air as traditional vacuum cleaners do. Halton has 9 Innovation Hubs around the world where it researches good indoor air conditions.

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Photo courtesy of Statoil / Alan O'Neill

Why choose Halton

Halton offsers total air-conditioning packages for different types of cabins and rooms. VAV/CAV unit with intelligent automation and room thermostat can operate as stand-alone unit or in a network. Network enables air conditioning in cabins to be controlled, monitored and adjusted by supervision system.

• 150.000+ marine cabins around the seven seas with Halton’s indoor environments solutions

• 9 Halton Innovations Hubs that research indoor air conditions for Halton’s customers

• Halton cabin ventilation system can be equipped with components and controls that combined with platform’s fire alarm system act as Active Smoke Control system. In case of fire, the solution keeps the escape routes clear from smoke and prevents toxic gases spreading to non-affected areas.

• Halton CaBeam – the most modern cabin ventilation solutions available at the market right now. Superior beneftis in lifecycle costs, sound levels and thermal comfort for passengers and crew on board. Download our whitepaper about the system differences below of the page.

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The Modern Cabin Ventilation on Board

Read about the basic differences between cabin units, fancoils and beams.

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