UWF - Capture Ray™ Hood

With Capture Jet™ & Water Wash Technologies

The UWF hood is a highly efficient kitchen ventilation solution. The Capture Ray™ technology neutralises grease vapours and particles. It keeps the plenum and ductwork virtually grease-free and reduces the cooking odours emissions. The Water Wash technology washes down the grease filters automatically.

The UWF hood is also equipped with the new generation of Capture Jet™ technology, with front and side double Jets. It requires 30% to 40% less exhaust air volume than traditional hoods, while delivering makeup air to the kitchen at low velocity.


• HACCP* certified (PE-567-HM02I).
• 30 to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates thanks to the Capture Jet™ technology.
• High-efficiency KSA multi-cyclone filters (UL, NSF and LPS 1263 classified).
• Neutralization of the remaining grease particles and vapours (Capture Ray™ technology).
• Duct cleaning costs significantly reduced and enhanced fire safety.
• Significantly reduces odours in exhausted air.
• Automatic cleaning of the KSA grease filters, the UV lamps and the exhaust plenum (Water Wash technology).
• Minimised maintenance requirement, reducing the work load for personnel cleaning the filters and the UV lamps.

• Draught-free integrated supply air system for enhanced smoke capture and comfort.
• Plug and Play CE-certified control systems.
• Halton's LCD Touch Screen as user interface, common to both technologies.
• Performance tested independently in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard.
• Exhaust airflow rates based on ASTM performance and a calculation method of the real heat loads.

The technologies and features integrated in the UWF hood can be combined with the following technologies or products to further improve the Energy Efficiency, Safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Emission Control levels.

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Certificates and Partnerships

Halton Skyline brings life to light

Kitchen specific LED-based lighting system that adds unrivaled the human centric dimension to the culinary lighting aspect

The lighting in professional kitchens has been too often neglected and yet it is an aspect which is extremely important. We’re not just talking about energy efficiency and working conditions but also about hygiene. Good quality lighting allows, for example, to more easily track dirt in a kitchen, which could otherwise be unnoticed.

Halton’s Culinary Light combines the lowest return times on investment while providing the best visual comfort and safety in professional kitchens.


Halton’s LED based lighting system has been specifically and exclusively designed for professional kitchens, making it the first Culinary Light. It enables you to adjust the general lighting between 500 to 750 lx, while specific zones benefit from a lighting of 1,000 lx, especially in areas with quality control, such as the outlet of a dishwasher.
It also provides a visual comfort of a very high quality, close to sunlight render, and this with massive energy savings.
Halton's HCL benefit from several control options like for instance the adjustment of light intensity depending on the natural light (less light close to the windows, more on the rest of the kitchen) which saves even more energy.

Better visual comfort, safety and wellbeing
• More efficient: the average luminous efficiency is 40% higher compared to typical High Intensity Discharge (HID) tubes.
• More light: provides a better illumination level with an average of 750 lx, increased to 1,000 lx on specific areas for better working conditions or quality control.
• Less dazzle: excellent shielding that prevents the staff being dazzled.
• Close to sunlight render: better colour rendering thanks to a more natural luminous spectrum. Better volumes rendering thanks to the combination of the two spot models with different opening angles. 
• In its most advanced configuration, Halton Skyline has the ultimate capability to adjust the color temperature of the light. It enables creating daylight-similar light sequences depending on the kitchen activity to improve the chefs’ and staff’s wellbeing. Halton Skyline adds a Human centric dimension to the Culinary lighting. 
• Easier to clean: light modules are flush mounted thus reducing the number of joints making it easier to clean.

Get your money back in record time
• Less energy: up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent tubes to get the same illumination level of 500 lx.
• Durable lighting level: keeps the calculated lighting level after 50,000 working hours.
• Extended lifetime: during the same period, traditional fluorescent tubes have to be replaced 3 times.
• Lowest payback times: specifically designed by Halton for Halton to get the best cost effectiveness.

• A range of control possibilities for instance the adjustment of light intensity depending on the natural light (less light close to the windows, more on the rest of the kitchen) which saves even more energy.
• The focused spot beams can be mounted on a motor to adjust their position without having to access the light module (on request only).

Halton Skyline technology
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