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MDH – ModularChef Low profile Capture Jet™ Hood

Freestanding with integrated power supplies

Halton ModularChef is a low profile and freestanding Capture Jet™ hood. Its design allows for connecting it to the ventilation ductwork on the back, the side or from the bottom.

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Halton ModularChef is a low profile and freestanding Capture Jet™ hood. Its design allows for connecting it to the ventilation ductwork on the back, the side or from the bottom.

Up to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates compared to traditional suspended hoods. Here is the first benefit that distinguishes ModularChef hood. The downdraft exhaust plenum it is equipped with can’t be closer to the cooking appliances and the heat, smoke, steam, grease and other pollutants they release. This proximity combined with the Capture Jet™ technology’s action and the full height sides makes it less airflow-consuming. ModularChef hence achieves massive savings on the ventilation energy bill.

Such exhaust airflow reduction also means ModularChef is the ideal hood to be used with PST PolluStop exhaust units or RAH RecoAir recirculating units by increasing their global cost effectivity. An asset to establish restaurants in previously unfeasible locations.

The Capture Jet™ technology enables the hood’s front to be backward regarding the cooking appliances. The Indoor Air Quality is kept at the highest level while the noise levels are reduced. The ergonomics are hence close to that of a hood installed at the regular height, while the comfort and productivity are even better.

Lastly, ModularChef is a solution especially suitable to establishing kitchens in low height rooms. The numerous connection possibilities to the ductwork combined with the reduction of its section greatly facilitates the path of the ductwork to outside in the most challenging situations.

ModularChef finds also its place in kitchens with normal ceiling heights, With the additional benefit of promoting the feeling of openness. Its compact design makes it also especially suitable to front and show cooking concepts. It is an aesthetic solution that makes the chefs and guests closer.
ModularChef integrates the cooking appliances power supplies. It modular design enables whatever configuration, even for long cooking lines.

Considerable energy savings

  • Up to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates due to the Capture Jet™ technology.
  • Possibility to extend the airflows reduction to up to 64% with M.A.R.V.E.L. energy savings technology.

Improved safety and maintenance savings

  • KSA cyclonic aerosol separators constructed of stainless steel in compliance with EN 16282 6. Up to 95% efficient on 10 microns particles or larger. Also certified UL 1046, NSF and LPS 1263.
  • Efficiently limits the build-up of grease deposits in the exhaust plenums and ductwork which constitute a serious hygiene and fire safety hazard. Reduces the cleaning costs.
  • Each junction module is equipped with a grease and condensates collection tray which can be connected to a drainage pipe as an option.

Other features and benefits

  • Compatible with all table top or modular cooking appliances (700, 800 or 900 mm depth).
  • Minimum space used. Integrated self-supporting structure.
  • Halton Skyline LED culinary light provides the best visual comfort while contributing to further improve the safety and the energy savings.
  • Services distribution on the back of the hood equipped with the electric plugs for the fryers/griddles.
  • No need for an extra duct for the Capture Jet™ technology.
  • Capture Jets are automatically switched off when the hood is not used or operates at a minim airflow.
  • Exhaust airflow rates determined with a EN 16282-1 based calculation method taking into account the loads of the cooking appliances, the configuration of the extract system and its capture and containment efficiency.
  • Capture and containment efficiency tested in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard.
  • Modular design allowing flat pack deliveries to make transportation and site handling easier. Assembly on site easy and quick. Possibility to assemble several sections for the lengths over 2,5 m.
  • Quick and easy commissioning. Hoods delivered “ready to install”, with all accessories included, such as light fitting, T.A.B.™ taps for quick balancing on-site.

More about the main embedded technologies

KSA Filters

Halton Skyline

About Capture Jet™ technology

Halton KMC MobiChef filtersThe Capture Jet™ technology ensures the grease, smoke and the other pollutants released by the cooking appliances are captured with the lowest possible airflow rate. In the majority of cases, it pays back upon start-up of the kitchen.
The energy savings directly contribute to your profitability while the staff benefits from improved working conditions.

  • Up to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates compared to traditional suction only hoods.
  • No compromise on the smoke and heat capture with reduced airflow rates while maintaining the air quality.
  • Significant energy savings for the cooling/heating make-up air systems (less air out, less air in!).
  • Reduced infrastructure costs on the smaller duct and fan system, saving on the capital cost of the installation.
  • No specific duct required for Capture Jet installation, reducing installation costs.
  • Improved working conditions for the staff: less drafts inside the kitchen and reduced noise levels due to the airflow rate reduction.


MDH Halton ModularChef Description

1 – Outer casing – visible parts in stainless steel AISI 304 (1,0 mm)
2 – Double skin and full height sides
3 – Active section
4 – Exhaust plenum – stainless steel AISI 304 (1,0 mm)
5 – KSA cyclonic aerosol separators
6 – Single rectangular spigot for the connection to the ductwork
7 – Option / Integrated services distribution unit opened on the back and bottom for the duct connection with 3-phase sockets
8 – Halton Skyline LED light fitting and UV controls
9 – Capture Jet™ nozzles
10 – Integrated Capture Jet™ fan
11 – Junction module
12 – Grease collection tray

Halton MDH ModularChef

Modular design

1 – Side panels
2 – Active section
3 – Junction module

Up to 2450 mm length, the ModularChef hood is equipped with a unique junction module (3) which integrates also a grease collector. The module can be located either on the left or the right of the active module (2).
Above 2450 mm, the junction module is used to assemble two active modules together. The grease collector is then common to the two sections. Alternatively, each active module can also be equipped with its own junction module.

Combination with RAH RecoAir recirculating units

RecoAir is a range of advanced and cost-effective recirculating unit that enables setting up a kitchen in a room which doesn’t have an exhaust ductwork available. They work at the heart of a kitchen ventilation system serving electric catering equipment.

The very low airflow levels required by ModularChef hoods make them an ideal capture solution for RecoAir units. They allows for reducing the units’ size to improve more the cost effectiveness.

MDH Halton ModularChef Combination with RAHCooling down the return air
After Reco-Air unit, the return air is a similar temperature to that extracted and needs to be cooled down before being blown back into the kitchen.
– Spot cooling i.e. fan coil units within the kitchen space;
– Chilled water coil or DX refrigerant cooling coil installed on the return air ductwork etc…

Examples and customized configurations

1 – Side panels
2 – Active section
3 – Junction module

MDH Halton ModularChef Configurations

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