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UWI – Capture Ray™ and Water Wash hood (CE)

Main features: ◦ Capture Jet™ technology ◦ KSA cyclonic aerosol separators ◦ UV-C Capture Ray™ technology ◦ Water Wash technology ◦ Halton Skyline LED Lighting ◦ CE marked ◦ UKCA pending

Main benefits: ◦ Drastic energy savings thanks to reduced airflows ◦ Optimal fire safety, hygiene and reduced impact on neighborhood thanks to efficient grease and odors neutralization ◦ Drastic savings on exhaust plenum and ductwork cleaning thanks to the insignificant formation of grease deposits ◦ Additional savings on filters cleaning ◦ Improved visual comfort and color render for the food

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Halton Capture Jet™ hoods and ventilated ceilings are all suitable for LEED (1), BREEAM (2), DGNB (3), etc. projects, particularly when combined with M.A.R.V.E.L. airflow and energy optimization technology. They can be used in all closed, opened, or show kitchens, and, in general, all food-producing environments.

In addition to the Capture Jets, UWI hoods are also equipped with the Capture Ray™ and Water Wash technologies.

The Capture Ray™ technology is more typically used for commercial kitchens whose ducts are difficult to access for cleaning, as well as for kitchens located in classified buildings with strong fire safety requirements or with close proximity with the neighborhood.

As for the combination with the Water Wash technology, it is particularly suitable to kitchens that have in addition a large opening hours range, with little time for filters cleaning.


The Capture Jet™ technology enables significant reductions in airflow rates leading to savings on construction costs, mainly due to the reduced size of ducts and HVAC equipment. It typically pays for itself upon the startup of the kitchen or within few months. The energy savings it generates then directly contribute to an increase in profitability, while the staff benefits from improved working conditions.

The Capture Ray™ technology neutralizes the small grease particles, the grease vapors and a portion of the VOCs that can't be removed by any primary mechanical filtration. It truly represents a unique ensemble of benefits, from savings on cleaning costs to optimal hygiene and fire safety levels, through to lower kitchens' environmental impact on the neighborhood.

The Water Wash technology is designed to automatically carry out the regular filters cleaning, with no outside intervention necessary. It saves a lot on filters cleaning cost. The productivity, the hygiene and the fire safety are also improved.

Considerable energy savings

  • The Capture Jet™ technology allows for up to a 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates.
  • The combination with M.A.R.V.E.L. airflow and energy optimization technology allows for reducing the exhaust volumes by up to an additional 44% on top of that of the Capture Jet™ resulting in up to a 64% total reduction. Energy savings are then massive.
  • It generates important energy savings on cooling/heating the makeup-air (less air out, less air in!).
  • The reduced draft risk and noise levels imporve the working conditions fo rthe staff.

Improved safety, maintenance savings and respect for the neighborhood

  • KSA cyclonic aerosol separators aerosol separators constructed of stainless steel in compliance with EN 16282-6. They are up to 95% efficient on 10 microns particles or larger. Also certified UL 1046, NSF, and LPS 1263.
  • KSA aerosol separators efficiently slow down the build-up of grease deposits in the exhaust plenums and ductwork that could otherwise constitute a serious hygiene and fire safety hazard.
  • The Capture Ray™ technology keeps the exhaust plenums and ductwork virtualy free of grease deposits. The ductwork cleaning operations are cut down to the minimum legal frequency (if applicable) or to the strict minimum, leading to important savings.
  • Hygiene and fire safety levels of the extract circuit are moreover kept at an optimum level.
  • The UV On Demand option activates the lamps only when cooking appliances are actually used. It saves up to one lamps-set where other UV systems require two.
  • The Water Wash technology cuts down the filters cleaning frequency to the strict legal minimum.
  • The Water Wash technology adds savings on filters cleaning cost on top of the savings on ductwork cleaning. Hygiene, fire safety and savings are at the highest possible level.
  • By construction, the Water Wash technology improves the protection against the propagation of a cooking fire to the ductwork, especially when combined with Halton FireWatch technology.
  • The Capture Ray™ technology also significantly reduces the odors discharged outdoor and thus lowers the kitchens' environmental impact on the neighborhood and the risk of complaints or legal action.

Other features and benefits

  • HACCP (4) International certified.
  • Integrated fan for the Capture Jet™ technology. No additional duct is required.
  • Capture Jets are automatically switched off when the hood is not used or operates at a minimum airflow.
  • Total access security to UV-C lamps that includes the detection of each filter presence.
  • Requires a control cabinet from CCW range for the automatic washing cycles management.
  • Advanced 24/7 distant monitoring capabilities thanks to Halton Connect IoT (Internet of Things) platform.
  • Highest value of ownership thanks to Halton Connect & Care smart services available as an option from kitchens commissioning.
  • Halton Skyline (HCL) LED culinary light provides the best visual comfort while contributing to further improve safety and energy savings.
  • When extended to the whole kitchen and surrounding areas, the Human Centric version of Halton Skyline (HCL) directly contributes to chefs' and their teams wellbeing.
  • Capture and containment efficiency tested in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard.

(1) LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (2) BREEAM - Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (3) DGNB - German Sustainable Building Council (4) HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


  1. Visible outer envelope in stainless steel AISI 304 (1,0 mm).
  2. Exhaust plenum fully constructed of stainless steel AISI 304 (1,2 mm).
  3. KSA aerosol separators.
  4. Removable deflectors.
  5. Water drain threaded pipe (DN50).
  6. UV-C rack mounted on runners for an easy removal.
  7. UV access hatch for a quick access to the UV lamps for cleaning.
  8. Stainless steel manifold equipped with plastic spraying nozzles, removable without tool, supplied with hot water (filters cleaning).
  9. [Option] Additional stainless steel manifold equipped with plastic spraying nozzles, removable without tool, supplied with hot water (UV tubes and exhaust plenum cleaning).
  10. Solenoid valve(s) controlled (either directly or via the controllers' network) by one of the control cabinets in the CCW range.
  11. Exhaust connection(s) and sliding damper(s).
  12. When the kitchen is equipped with M.A.R.V.E.L. airflow and energy optimization technology (MRV), the sliding damper is replaced by ABD automated balancing slim damper.
  13. T.A.B.™ (Testing And Balancing) pressure port(s) for quick airflow calculation during ductwork balancing operations.
  14. Front Capture Jet™ nozzles (horizontal and vertical).
  15. Double skin sides.
  16. Side Capture Jet™ nozzles.
  17. Integrated Capture Jet™ fan.
  18. Capture Jet™ fan air inlet.
  19. Halton Thermal Imaging sensor for the optional UV on Demand, FireWatch or M.A.R.V.E.L. technologies.
  20. Halton Skyline LED culinary LED light fiitng integrated on a flushmounted access hatch.
  21. As an option, Halton Skyline LED spots integrated on a full width and flush mounted light beam(s).

M.A.R.V.E.L. ready option: To allow for later installation of M.A.R.V.E.L. airflow and energy optimization, each hood can be equipped only with its ABD slim automated balancing damper, which is typically very difficult to install afterward.


- Above 3100 mm, hoods are an assembly of separate sections to make transportation and site handling easier.

- Number of connections to be determined based on the sections length and on the calculation of the airflow rates depending on the cooking appliances.

- Rectangular connections on request.


  • UWI – Capture Ray™ and Water Wash hood (CE)



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  • UWI Varustettu Capture Jet™ -ja vesipesujärjestelmällä



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  • UWI – Hotte Water Wash et UV Capture Ray™ (CE)



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  • UWI Mit den Technologien Capture Jet™ & Water-Wash



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  • UWI Med Capture Jet™- och Water Wash-tekniker



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  • UWI 采用Capture Jet™和水洗技术



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