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Anna Cannes

Cannes, France (2023)

Greek restaurant Anna is located on the prestigious Boulevard de la Croisette, in the 7th art city, Cannes.
At Anna, classic Greek dishes share the menu with Chef Yiannis Kioroglou’s reinterpretations of favourite recipes.

Anna has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

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Have you ever faced challenges in establishing a restaurant in a premium location due to its close proximity to the neighborhood?
And compounded by the use of charcoal ovens as the primary cooking method?

These were just a few of the challenges we encountered with this project! We developed a solution based on Capture Jet™ hoods. For the hood above the charcoal oven, we combined the Capture Jets with Cold Mist technology. Since the discharge point of the exhaust circuit is near an interior courtyard, a PollusStop air handling unit has been installed to significantly reduce odor emissions.
Also, a Capture Ray™ ventilated ceiling equipped with Capture Jet™ technology has been installed.

Halton Project Team

Actors involved in the project

Many thanks to Restaurant Anna Cannes, as well as to MVP Production, Bacchus Equipment team, and Nicolas Mathon for their project management.

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.