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Austria Campus

Vienna, Austria (2018)

Simply one of the largest inter-company catering pole in Europe with a total capacity of 1800 seats, in the heart of this new business and retail district and its 10,000 workers.

The conference, event and medical as well as the 270 rooms modern hotel are also equipped of kitchens associated with strong demands.

All kitchens are equipped with a large selection of the Halton Solutions to make them a reference in terms of energy savings, safety and comfort for the staff… and, at the end, the guests also.

Austria Campus Wien

Austria Campus is a business site with a total area of 200,000 m² in the 2nd district of Vienna consisting of all in all six office blocks… 

Let’s move a bit away from the numbers and talk about tenants’ experience.

A quick walk through the park, to get a breath of fresh air, and back to your desk.
No need to make your way across town in your lunch break in order to get to your doctor’s appointment, nervously watching the time.
You’ll find a bar right next to your office, where you can enjoy a drink with your colleagues after work.

It may seem like you’re looking into Silicon Valley, where high-tech companies have shown us the “Future of Work”, but this is what has been developed at the AUSTRIA CAMPUS directly at the traffic hub Praterstern.

Austria Campus Wien

Austria Campus Wien

Austria Campus Wien

In the middle of these 200,000 m2, you’ll find a catering pole, a conference, event and medical centre, as well as a modern hotel, all equipped with Halton Solutions.

The catering pole in brief:

Operated by Eurest and located on the Quartier 6, it occupies a total area of 10,000 m2 in the heart of the new business district designed to host 10,000 workers.
It is simply one of the largest inter-company catering pole in Europe with 6 restaurants for a total capacity of 1800 seats and 4,000 meals a day.

Austria Campus Wien

The hotel in brief:
This modern 265 rooms hotel is providing a large offer of services, including culinary delights in their “à la carte” restaurant.

The conference, event and medical centre in brief:

No need to go to Vienna to organise your seminars or other events or simply to consult a doctor. This centre also provides a large offer of services, including the possibility to eat on the square. This offer is also provided by Eurest.

There were two demands common to all catering concepts developed for Austria Campus: energy savings and staff comfort!

Knowing that this new business district has required the construction of the fourth cooling plant of Wien – with a 12 mega Watts capacity – one immediately understand the importance of the energy stake. All kitchens have been equipped with Capture Jet™ hoods or ventilated ceilings.

The Capture Jet™ technology reduces the exhaust airflow rates by up to 30 to 40% on hoods, with an unbeatable ROI. This exhaust airflow rate reduction reaches up to 15% on the ventilated ceilings. It is true it means less energy savings but this is partly offset with the gain in productivity linked to premium working conditions.

All the more that all kitchens – whether equipped with hoods or ventilated ceilings – have been equipped with the Culinary and Human Centric light Halton Skyline. To make it short, with Halton Skyline, you would think you would work outside!

For technical reasons, some hoods have been equipped with M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation system. The exhaust airflow rates reduction is then brought to up to 64%.

For hygiene and safety reasons and especially in the conference, event and medical centre, the majority of the kitchens have been also equipped with the Capture Ray™ technology. Used to neutralise the grease particles and vapours, it prevents the buildup of grease deposits inside the ductwork while significantly reducing the odour emissions at the level of the ventilation systems’ discharge.

At last, still for safety reasons, all kitchens are also equipped with Fire Suppression systems to bring the fire risk at the bare minimum.

That’s it… well not totally.
As for any project of this scope, there has been some unforeseen developments. Constantly listening to the expectations and question is state of mind that also makes the difference.

Halton works with you are your team for the best possible kitchen ventilation solutions
From early stage, Halton is prepared to meet you to review the solutions, their design requirements and their capabilities.

The Place
Austria Campus

HVAC Consultant:
ZFG-Projekt GmbH

Foodservice Consultant:
Ronge & Partners GmbH

Ortner GmbH
Licht Loidl GmbH

Catering Company:
Eurest GmbH