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Capella Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam (2021)

Capella Hanoi is a 5-Star, luxury art nouveau masterpiece hotel nestled on a peaceful boulevard along Hoàn Kiếm Lake. Capella Hanoi features 5 restaurants, and one of them, the all-day Backsatge offers Northern Vietnamese dishes in a theatrical mise-en-scène.

This awarded hotel (No.18 Best Hotel In the World, No.2 Best City Hotel in Asia, Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2022) has chosen Halton to provide the kitchen ventilation solution for their 5 restaurants.

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Halton kitchen ventilation Solutions in five restaurants at Capella Hanoi hotel!

At Halton, we have provided and designed a range of bespoke solutions for these five restaurant kitchens, understanding that every kitchen is different and has its own unique needs.

We have had the opportunity to interview Mr Quynh Nguyen, Director of Engineering and Mr Yamaguchi Hiroshi, Japanese Head Chef. And they are the people who are best placed to talk about it.

Gourmets have a front-row seat to the execution of a freshly cooked dish from the large counter

With 14 counter seats next to an open kitchen, 6-8 private rooms and 60 dining tables, Koki is a famous Japanese restaurant located in Capella Hanoi Hotel.

In this restaurant, the signature dish is prepared using teppanyaki, a type of grill cooking that is typically served to customers on an iron plate. This produces a great deal of smoke, and can be harmful to the chef, kitchen staff and guests.

Capella Hanoi

Capella Hanoi

Cooking grease neutralization and odors mitigation: this allows restaurants to be set up freely!

An efficient solution to this problem has been developed, including a system using UV-C Capture RayTM technology, which is designed to reduce the build-up of grease particles, grease vapours and organic compounds in ducts, improving cleanliness and fire safety.

Good to know: The UV Capture Ray™ technology neutralises the grease released by the cooking appliances. Combined with the KSA cyclonic filters, it reduces the grease build up in the ductwork to a negligible level. It also contributes to odors reductions discharged outside by the ventilation system. Hygiene and fire safety levels of the ventilation are most significant, cleaning costs are minimum, and the kitchens’ environmental impact on the neighborhood is reduced significantly… more

The open kitchen design is combined with a comprehensive approach to the aesthetic design of the Capture JetTM ventilated ceiling.

This allows for more space with a beautiful ceiling design.
Halton’s innovations allow the kitchen to be designed to suit any size or shape of room, providing comfort and reduced airflow, reducing energy bills while still giving the open kitchen a comfortable atmosphere.

For those who want the best of both worlds – aesthetics and energy efficiency – this is a great choice.

Good to know: The KCJ closed ventilated ceiling, with the Capture Jet™ technology, combines several functions: extraction, air supply, lighting, and a suspended ceiling. It is suitable for open or show kitchens (hotels, hospitals, gastronomic restaurants, central kitchens, staff restaurants etc)… more

Capella Hanoi