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Halton TCV – Terminal diffuser

Circular and compact in design for free installation without suspended ceiling

  • Effective sound attenuation
  • Deflector for the direction of flow pattern
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  • Horisontal air supply
  • Suitable for supply and exhaust
  • Integrated circular balancing plenum with measurement and adjustment functions
  • Effective sound attenuation
  • Circular duct connection with gasket
  • Deflector for direction of flow pattern
  • Detachable front plate enables cleaning of the terminal unit and ductwork

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Fig.1. Halton TCV with MSM module, supply.

Fig.2. Halton TCV with MEM module, exhaust.


100 300 289 258 93 99
125 300 289 258 103 124
160 450 439 294 121 159
200 450 439 318 138 199
250 600 589 377 174 249

Weight (kg)

NS Weight
100 3.90
125 3.86
160 7.49
200 7.72
250 12.39


 Part  Material  Note
 Upper plate  Steel
 Front panel  Perforated steel
 Plenum  Galvanised steel
 Polyester fibre Surfaces
protection layer
 Spigot  Galvanised steel
 Gasket  Rubber compound
 Finishing Painted
White (RAL 9003)
 Special colours available


Air is supplied into the space through the side slots and front panel of the diffuser and mixed with the room air outside the diffuser.
The throw pattern can be deflected in different (1, 2, 3 and 4) directions with the deflection panels.
Recommended maximum air temperature difference between supply and room air in cooling situations is 10 °C.


Code description
1.   Front panel
2.   Deflector panel
3.   Deflector plate
4.   Spring
5.   Plenum

The terminal unit is connected directly to the duct by screwing or riveting. The desired flow pattern is selected with the deflector panels during installation.

It is recommended that the minimum safety distance before the terminal unit is 3xD.

In an exhaust application neither deflector panels nor deflector plate are used.


Code description
1.   Front panel
2. . Measurement and adjustment module
3.   Pressure test plug
4.   Equalisation plate
5.   Plenum

The supply volume flow rate is determined using the measurement and adjustment module MSM.
Open the front panel and equalisation plate, pass the tubes and control spindle through the equalisation plate and side slot of the diffuser.
Replace the front panel.

Measure the differential pressure using a manometer. The airflow rate is calculated using the formula below.

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved.
Lock the damper position with a screw.
Reassemble the tubes and spindle into the plenum and replace the diffuser front panel.

The exhaust flow rate is determined by using the separate measurement module located in the equalisation plate.

The k- factor for installations with different safety distances (D = duct diameter)

Supply air

 ØD (>8xD) min 3xD
100 6.0 8.5
125 10.0 13.0
160 17.1 22.8
200 27.5 32.1
315 47.9 55.5

Exhaust air

100 8.7
125 21.6
160 21.6
200 53.1
250 53.1


Open the front panel of the diffuser and clean the parts by wiping with a damp cloth.
Remove the equalisation plate, and measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling the shaft (not the control spindle or measurement tubes!).

Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water.

Reassemble the equalisation plate, and measurement and adjustment module by pushing the shaft back into place until the unit meets the stopper.
Push the front panel back into place so that the springs lock.


The diffuser and plenum is made of epoxy-painted steel with a white (RAL 9003) colour.
The diffuser difsfuse the suspply air into the space through the side slot and perforated front panel, ensuring a high mixing rate.
Flow pattern of the diffuser i adjustable in a 1, 2, 3 or 4-way direction by shaping the deflector.

The diffuser is integrated to a balancing plenum equipped with a measurement and adjustment module.
The diffuser has a detachable perforated front panel in order to provide access to the measurement and adjustment module in the plenum.
The balancing plenum has a spigot equipped with integral gasket for airtight duct connection.

Order code


S = Construction
A     Supply air with MSM module
B     Exhaust air with MEM module

D = Connection size
100, 125, 160, 200, 250

Other options and Accessories

CO = Colour
SW    White (RAL 9003)
X       Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT = Tailored product
N       No
Y       Yes (ETO)

Code example



  • Halton TCV – Terminal diffuser



    Shape 2
  • Halton TCV – Pääteyksikkö



    Shape 2
  • Halton TCV – Unité terminale



    Shape 2
  • Halton TCV – Deckenauslass mit integriertem Anschlusskasten



    Shape 2
  • Halton TCV – Takdon



    Shape 2
  • Halton TCV – fr


    Shape 2
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