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Halton TLB – Wall diffuser unit

Aesthetic design and lightweight rectangular diffuser unit for wall installation

  • Installation of the diffuser on the wall in the vicinity of the ceiling
  • Airflow rate measurement and adjustment functions
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  • Horizontal plane jet air supply
  • Suitable for supply and exhaust
  • Installation of the diffuser on the wall in the vicinity of the ceiling
  • Airflow rate measurement and adjustment functions
  • Circular duct connection with gasket on the back or side of the plenum
  • Cleaning of the terminal unit and supply ductwork enabled by the detachable diffuser section


  • Deflector for airflow pattern direction
  • Cover sleeve for exposed installations (only for back connection)
  • Pressure test plug

Dimensions and weight

Halton TLB/B, TLB/C  (back connection)

100 441 403 191 153 204 99
125 441 403 241 203 204 124
160 541 503 241 203 241 159
200 741 703 291 253 280 199
250  793 751 341 304 300 249

Halton TLB/E, TLB/F (side connection)

100 441 403 191 153 301 99
125 441 403 241 203 301 124
160 541 503 241 203 408 159
200 741 703 291 253 408 199

Note! Size 250 is not available for side connection.

Weight (kg)

(back connection)
(side connection)
(diffuser section)
100   1.9 2,8 1,7
125   2.2 3,2 2,1
160   2.9 4,5 2,1
200   4.5 6,2 4,6
250   5,1 5,1


Part Material Note
Diffuser section Steel
Attenuation material Polyester fibre
Plenum Galvanised steel
Deflector panel  Galvanised steel  –
Cover sleeve  Galvanised steel Painted in diffuser colour
Coupling sleeve
with gasket
 Galvanised steel Gasket of rubber compound
Finishing Painted,
(RAL 9003/30%)
Only diffuser section (TLB/A),
special colours available


Accessory Code Description
Cover sleeve (1) CE Cover sleeve for exposed installation
(available only for back connection; TLB/B)
Deflector panel (2) DP For horizontal flow pattern direction and
throw length adjustment ( d L 0.2 approx. ± 20 %),
increases the sound level 2…4 dB
with MSM module fully open
(only available for diffuser section, TLB/A)

Cover sleeve (CE)                                       Deflector panel (DP)

Product models

Model Description
TLB/A Supply air unit, front plate (needing a plenum from below)
TLB/B Plenum with back connection, supply (with MSM-module)
TLB/C Plenum with back connection, exhaust (with MEM-module)
TLB/E Plenum with side connection, supply (with MSM-module)
TLB/F Plenum with side connection, exhaust (with MEM-module)

Fig.1.  TLB/A

Fig.2. TLB/B                                                 Fig.3. TLB/E


The vanes of the Halton TLB diffuser direct the airflow obliquely towards the ceiling surface. The recommended maximum temperature difference between supply and room air is 8 °C. The throw pattern s size and shape can be adjusted by altering the position of the deflector panel (accessory). The unit can also be used as an exhaust unit.


Code description
1.   Diffuser section
2.   Plenum
3.   Measurement and adjustment module (MSM/supply, MEM/exhaust)

The recommended installation distance below ceiling level is approx. 200 mm.

Installation hole

NS W2 x H2
100 405 x 155
125 405 x 205
160 505 x 205
200 705 x 255
250 * 755 x 255

*) Only back connection (TLB/B, TLB/C)


100 85
125 85
160 100
200 125
250 * 125

*) Only back connection (TLB/B, TLB/C)

Do not fasten screws or rivets in the section at distance K1 from the front edge of the plenum, in order to keep the section clear for diffuser section (1) fastening.

Safety distance

The recommended minimum safety distance before the supply unit is 3xD.


The supply flow rate is determined by using measurement and adjustment module MSM. The tubes and control spindle are passed through the diffuser section, which is then replaced. Measure the differential pressure with a manometer. The flow rate is calculated using the formula below.

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved. Lock the damper position with a screw. Replace the tubes and spindle in the diffuser section.

The exhaust flow rate is determined by using the separate measurement module located inside the plenum.

The k factor for installations with different safety distances
(D = duct diameter)

Supply air

NS > 8xD min. 3xD
100 6.2 6.8
125 10.5 12.9
160 18.8 22.4
200 27.8 32.9
250 *) 45.7 55.5

*)  Only back connection (TLB/B, TLB/C)

Exhaust air

(back connection)
(side connection)
100 8.2 8.2
125 9.7 9.2
160 12.1 13.4
200 21.5 23.5
250 31.1


Open the Halton TLB diffuser section and remove the measurement and adjustment module by pulling gently from the shaft (not from the control spindle or measurement tubes).

Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water. Remount the measurement and adjustment module by pushing the shaft until it meets the stopper. The diffuser section is replaced by pushing it into the plenum until the springs lock.


The wall diffuser unit shall direct the supply air pattern obliquely towards the ceiling. The ductwork connection shall be located at the back or on the side of the unit. The throw pattern s size and shape shall be adjustable by altering the position of the deflector panel.

The diffuser shall consist of a galvanised steel plenum and a detachable diffuser section made of painted steel with a white (RAL 9003) standard colour. The detachable diffuser section shall comprise a sound attenuator and be fixed to the plenum via invisible springs.

The diffuser shall provide access to the plenum and ductwork for cleaning and maintenance.

Order code


S = Construction
A    Diffuser section
B    Plenum with duct connection on back (supply with MSM module)
C    Plenum with duct connection on back (exhaust with MEM module)
E    Plenum with duct connection on side (supply with MSM module)
F    Plenum with duct connection on side (exhaust with MEM module)

D = Connection size (mm)
100, 125, 160, 200, 250

Other options and accessories

CO = Colour
SW    Signal white (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT = Tailored product
N       No
Y       Yes (ETO)

Sub products

CE   Cover sleeve  (for back connection only, TLB/B, TLB/C)
DP   Deflection panel   (for front diffuser only, TLB/A)

Code example

TLB/A-100, CO=SW,ZT=N                (Diffuser section)
TLB/B-100, ZT=N                               (Plenum, supply, back connection)


  • Halton TLB – Wall diffuser unit



    Shape 2
  • Halton TLB – Seinään asennettava tuloilmalaite



    Shape 2
  • Halton TLB – Diffuseur mural



    Shape 2
  • Halton TLB – Wandauslass



    Shape 2
  • Halton TLB – Väggdon



    Shape 2
  • Halton TLB – fr


    Shape 2
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