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UTA gastight shut-off damper
UTA gastight shut-off damper

UTA – Gastight shut-off damper

Halton UTA dampers are used to shut-off and balance airflow rates in high pressure ductwork.

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  • For shut-off and balancing of air intake and exhaust ducts
  • Available as ATEX certified
  • Closed damper fullfils the requirement of leakage class 3 (EN1751:2014) for size > 300×300 mm (stainless steel seals) and for size > 150×150 mm (silicon seals).
  • Classification of casing leakage (EN1751:2014) class C
  • Outer frame of galvanized, painted or stainless steel. Blades of galvanized or stainless steel with double sheet construction. Blades contain stainless spring steel seals or silicon seals.
  • Earthing stud as standard
  • Electrical, pneumatical or manual operation system available
  • UTA dampers can be supplied with connection pieces for round duct
  • Maximum duct pressure for damper construction 5000 Pa and maximum air velocity 15 m/s
  • Normal operation temperature for damper between
    -50ºC to +80ºC. Actuator and component selection can have an effect on this temperature range. Other temperatures available on request