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Halton MBD manual balancing damper
Halton MBD manual balancing damper

MBD – Manual balancing dampers for kitchen ventilation (ETL)

ETL Listed to UL Standard UL 710 – The MBD manual balancing damper is adjustable to allow for balancing airflow based on pressure differential readings from integral T.A.B. test and balance port in the Capture Jet hood.  Adjustment of the parallel dampers (in open position) will be achieved by manually turning the locking adjustment bracket until the desired pressure reading is achieved.
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  • Compact design – 8”high
  • Pressure reading taken from T.A.B. (testing & balancing) port, located within Halton hood
  • Used on multiple hoods with common exhaust
  • Does not accumulate grease like guillotine type dampers.