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Halton has the solution for your Food Hall kitchen ventilation system.

Halton provides the greatest design and infrastructure flexibility for the changing ventilation landscape of Food Halls.

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors, and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.

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Typical challenges in Food Hall Kitchen Ventilation

The nature of the Food Hall infrastructure is to design for the unknown in many instances. Although the overall concept is known, the needs of individual vendors may not be. The turnover of individual vendors is generally higher than traditional sites, increasing the necessity for a system that adapts quickly and seamlessly.

With proper planning and execution, virtually all of these unknowns can be addressed. The nature of these types of projects requires a system capable of adapting to changes in vendors. With building planning and construction timelines covering several years and the useful life of the buildings estimated to be anywhere between 15 and 30 years or more, a system that is put in place should be able to accept or be updated to the latest generation.

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Why choose Halton

Vendor spaces in Food Halls have significant logistical and infrastructure challenges. Creating spaces for foodservice operations before the vendor(s) have been identified while maintaining a high degree of infrastructure flexibility would be the goal, but often can fall short. A secondary concern, depending on the location, is addressing odor abatement, space flexibility, and fire risk that must all be accounted for in the design.

Halton’s Adaptive Hood System addresses the concerns for Food Hall kitchen ventilation while addressing energy efficiency, environmental factors and fire safety, helping you create a memorable customer experience. Having a system capable of being adjusted remotely or updated for new appliances and/or tenants without wholesale changes to the property infrastructure is paramount.

Factors to be considered when assessing the design and the system of a Food Hall.

  • Facility infrastructure flexibility.
  • Re-purposing of existing facilities such as abandoned industrial sites and vacated Malls.
  • Vendor Operational flexibility.
  • Comfort and energy efficient design.

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Halton’s Adaptive Hood Systems for Food Hall Developments

Providing the greatest design and infrastructure flexibility for the changing ventilation landscape of Food Halls. Download our Food Hall Restaurant Ventilation Brochure (PDF, 2MB)

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A successful implementation of an Adaptable Kitchen Ventilation System for Food Hall Developments.

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