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Dampers for Green Hydrogen

Dampers for Green Hydrogen Projects

As economies worldwide are taking steps towards net-zero objectives, Halton is ready to support the development of clean energy production on a much broader scale. Halton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of HVAC solutions designed for demanding indoor environments. With over 50 years of experience, Halton has supplied over 400 products for different industrial applications, from offshore wind to nuclear projects. Halton offers robust products for green hydrogen applications and supports overall progress towards net-zero objectives.

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Dampers for Green Hydrogen

Typical challenges

Green hydrogen is seen as a technology of the future with enormous potential both for commercial reasons and in the context of climate action. Green hydrogen is produced by water electrolysis using only renewable, CO2-free electricity sources. By 2040, about 10 per cent of the world’s primary energy demand could be replaced with H2, the majority of which could be produced from renewable sources like wind and solar power.

When the scale of green hydrogen production increases, so too do the safety risks. Hydrogen itself is an extremely flammable element and could cause explosions and fires under certain conditions. Ammonia, the most likely medium for hydrogen transportation, is a corrosive gas that can also cause an explosion hazard under certain conditions. Therefore, extensive safety systems are required to minimize the damages caused by possible explosions, fires, or corrosion. Halton contributes to a comprehensive high-integrity ventilation damper offering for industrial applications. Halton’s robust dampers protect components, equipment, and most importantly human beings inside the building. Halton’s dampers are widely certified for various applications with different requirements. Halton offers a range of ATEX-approved dampers, available in different materials and designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as in demanding environments with a high risk of corrosion.

Halton FCE Fire Damper for Green Hydrogen

Why choose Halton

• Halton contributes to a comprehensive high-integrity damper offering for industrial applications: all dampers for ventilation from one reliable manufacturer

• Halton’s robust dampers are widely certified for various applications with different requirements. Halton possesses type approvals from the major classification societies, including certifications like ISO 9001, ISO3834-2, ISO 14001, ISO 14500, ATEX, CE, and EAC

• Halton production emphasises tailoring, which means that we can adapt solutions for each customer’s specific needs

• Besides dampers, Halton can offer a vast range of other solutions, including droplet separators, external louvres, central vacuum cleaning systems, diffusers and much more

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

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Halton Marine is a member of Hydrogen Cluster Finland

Halton wants to be a part of the energy transition, to create a cleaner future. Energy transition and low carbon emissions play an important role also in Halton’s ESG goals. In April 2022, Halton Marine was accepted as a member of Hydrogen Cluster Finland, a network of companies and industrial associations that facilitates sharing of information, collaboration and joint ventures, and the development of a business perspective to promote the hydrogen economy, create business opportunities and support the transformation towards climate neutrality.

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Dampers for Green Hydrogen Applications

Download our brochure which gives an overview of what we have to offer for green hydrogen applications.


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