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Ventilation for restaurant kitchens in airports and travel hubs

Fire safety is of critical importance and there are opportunities for ductless technology

1,4 billion incoming international tourists a year and probably 1,8 in 2030. This represents just a part of the travel hubs’ constantly increasing footfall, which is predicted to become even bigger, with new and stronger demands, requiring specific solutions. That’s what Halton designs for their catering spaces.

Halton offers full design for catering spaces, incorporating fire safety strategies, including the opportunity of reduction in long expensive duct runs.

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Typical challenges

Fire Risk is an inevitable consequence of commercial kitchens’ ventilation systems. In the unlikely event of a fire inside a travel hub, the financial consequences can be severe as it often means the closing of the terminal or station where it occurs. As such, restaurant kitchens located in airports and travel hubs require specific attention and provisions to make them safe but also energy efficient and comfortable for the chefs and their teams.

Another aspect of the travel hub, considering the ever growing size and architectural complexity of the terminals, is the difficulty “locate” a route to atmosphere for the ventilation discharge at a reasonable cost. Adding to the complexity are the challenge in balancing multiple ventilation systems within a terminal. The challenges for ventilation in Travel Hubs are many.

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Why choose Halton

With Halton solutions for the ventilation of restaurant kitchens for airports and travel hubs, we can reduce the fire risk to the lowest possible level and benefit from new opportunities with innovative recycling solutions.

Halton’s Fire Strategy can provide the highest level of fire safety, whether used to suppress a fire directly at the source, or provide solutions to help prevent the spread of fire into the terminals through the ductwork or to monitor the duct work to anticipate when the cleaning is required.

When it is difficult to find a route to atmosphere, Halton’s ductless filtration solutions enable kitchens to operate in previously unfeasible commercial spaces of airports and travel hubs. They also enable relocation of extract system at restaurants’ lease-end.

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Halton’s solutions assets

  • 50 years expertise in innovative kitchen ventilation solutions.
  • Highest safety and OPEX (Operational Expenditure) reduction.
  • On demand ventilation to adjust the exhaust airflow rates to the high variability specific the production kitchens,  leading to massive energy savings.
  • Solutions to free the staff from the regular filters cleaning.
  • Solutions to neutralise the grease released by the cooking appliances, thus reducing the frequency for ductwork cleaning while mitigating the odors discharged outside by the ventilation system.
  • Distant monitoring and smart services for all our technologies, enabling reaching the lowest failure rate on ventilation systems.
  • Recirculation systems to be installed in its own fire compartment for spaces difficult to reach with a ventilation ductwork.
  • In duct UVGI solutions for pathogen and viral reduction.
  • Full service packages designed to the needs of the business.


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