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Bangkok Air Catering - Thailand

Ventilation of production kitchens for airports and travel hubs

Ventilation Solutions that stand up to the most complex supply chain requirements

Production kitchens for airports and travel hubs can produce more than 25,000 meals a day, 365 days a year. Supply chain, hygiene and energy efficiency are the key concerns. Supply chain interruptions can create a significant financial penalty.

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Typical challenges

In-flight catering is probably one of the most complex operational systems in the world. It serves more than 1 billion passengers each year. Large-scale flight catering production units produce as many as 25,000 meals per day during peak periods. The hot kitchen is often not more than 10% of the total floor area. The rest is mainly dedicated to logistic. All things being equal, this applies to all on-board catering for airports and travel hubs.

Supply chain, hygiene and energy efficiency are the key concerns, supply chain whose interruption can have heavy financial consequences.

Why choose Halton

With Halton solutons you can be assured that the system can withstand the rigors of changing demand while saving money and improving staff comfort and productivity.

Halton’s ventilated ceilings and energy saving technologies comply with the highest hygiene, energy efficiency and comfort for the staff standards. The embedded technologies benefit from advanced distant monitoring enabling the best of predictive maintenance in order to lower the risk of ventilation down times.

Bangkok Air Catering – Thailand

Halton’s solutions assets

  • 50 years expertise in innovative kitchen ventilation solutions.
  • HACCP* certification.
  • On demand ventilation to adjust the exhaust airflow rates to the high variability specific the production kitchens,  leading to massive energy savings.
  • Solutions to free the staff from the filters cleaning.
  • Solutions to neutralise the grease released by the cooking appliances, thus reducing the frequency for ductwork cleaning while mitigating the odors discharged outside by the ventilation system.
  • Distant monitoring and smart services, enabling reaching the lowest failure rate and lowering the maintenance cost.

* Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


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