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Hilton Hotel restaurant kitchen ventilation

The global expert in restaurant kitchen ventilation solutions for Hotels, Resort and Casinos

With menus as varied as the locations and theme of the property, Halton has the systems to match the unique challenges of your design.

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.

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Typical challenges in restaurant kitchen ventilation for Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

The Hotel, Resort, and Casino segment is as varied as the menus they create. A common challenge is to create a comfortable and energy-efficient design that allows the operator to adapt to changing food trends quickly. Having a system capable of being adjusted remotely or updated for new appliances without wholesale changes to the building infrastructure is paramount. Also, having a system that responds automatically to changes in cooking status so you can focus on the task at hand, providing a memorable dining experience to your customers.

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

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Hotel Restaurant kitchen ventilation

Why choose Halton

Halton’s Systems provide a myriad of configurations to meet the changing kitchen environment of Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos

Halton is mindful of the requirements to provide adaptive solutions for kitchen ventilation for Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos while also addressing aesthetics when it comes to display cooking. Leverage Halton’s expertise to configure a ventilation system that optimizes energy efficiency and adaptability.  All this while maintaining quiet operation, employee and customer comfort, as well as the design aesthetic.

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Meeting the kitchen ventilation challenges of multiple venues in Hotels, Casinos and Resorts

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