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Ventilation of production kitchens for hotels, casinos and resorts

Reduce the contribution of the energy and maintenance in the meal cost without decreasing the value of guest rooms due to cooking odors

The production, room service, and banquet kitchens, whether grouped or not, have very different needs and schedules. These kitchens can become a bottomless energy pit if this variability is not accounted for in the ventilation design.

It is also vital to ensure the guests are not impacted by cooking odors when the kitchens ventilation discharge the air close to some guest rooms.

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Typical challenges

Meals in hotels can be managed in a unique production kitchen or, depending on the hotel size, in several other and complementary kitchens for the room service, the banquets or the display cooking areas installed right in the middle of the dining areas.

The production, room service and banquet kitchens, whether grouped or not, have therefore very different ventilation needs due to the use of various types of cooking appliances, from light to heavy duty profile, at very different times during the day.

Without specific provisions, and especially when several kitchens, the energy use can rapidly become a handicap for their profitability. There’s the added constraint of not annoying the guests with cooking odors when the ventilation discharge can’t be located far enough from their rooms. Maintenance and the time required to periodically clean the filters can also become a concern.

Schlosshotel - Gohren Lebbin - Germany

Why choose Halton

With Halton solutions, lower the part of the energy and maintenance in the meals cost and be sure the guests are not annoyed by cooking odors while in their room.

Halton’s hoods, ventilated ceilings and energy saving technologies comply with the highest hygiene, energy efficiency and staff comfort standards. We have additional solutions to free the staff from filters cleaning and to do not reduce the value of the guests rooms located close to the kitchen ventilation discharge, if it is not possible to move it away enough.

The embedded technologies benefit from advanced distant monitoring enabling the best of predictive maintenance in order to further lower the operation costs.

Hakkasan restaurant – MGM Grand Hotel – Las Vegas – United States

Halton’s solutions assets

  • 50 years expertise in innovative kitchen ventilation solutions.
  • M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation systems address the variability of the needs in exhaust airflow rates while suppressing cross contamination risks due to ventilation.
    Massive savings on the energy use.
  • Solutions for the neutralisation of the grease and odors released by the cooking appliances.
  • It enables discharging the air extracted from the kitchens close to guests’ rooms if not other possibility and opens the way sustainable heat recovery.
  • Solutions to automatically clean the filters for the staff to focus only on meals preparation.
  • Distant monitoring and smart services, enabling reaching the lowest failure rate and lowering the maintenance cost.