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Display kitchen of Chef
Chef's Table, Lebua Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Ventilation of display kitchens for hotels, casinos and resorts

Display kitchens have become a signature for hotels, casinos, and resorts to differentiate, attracting new guests, and retaining them through memorable culinary experiences.

As desirable and aesthetically pleasing it may be, it is also the most challenging ventilation design. It is essential to account for proper acoustics, decorative theme and line of site. To that end, we demonstrate an innovative spirit and an ability to customize designs while complying with several demands. All the while ensuring the solutions are sustainable. That’s how Halton built its renowned reputation with display kitchens.

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Re-Naa Restaurant, Eilert Smith Hotel, Stavanger, Norway

Typical challenges

Display kitchens are distinguished by aesthetic demands, one more audacious than the next that does not necessarily totally harmonize with the air and ventilation laws. Customizing the ventilation systems’ components that are in view and innovating by developing specific technologies are key to enable the highest architectural flexibility.

Removing the smoke, heat and odours released by the cooking appliances with the lowest possible airflow is an as significant challenge.  It is a delicate balance between energy savings but also ensuring your guests are not annoyed by air draugths, ventilation noise or odours.

Display kitchens are positioned in the middle of the dining area. Fire safety, cleanability, and lighting should also be carefully considered.

Why choose Halton

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mexico

Display kitchens ventilation is as much a question experienced know-how in stainless steel shaping as of technologies and engineering.

Halton owns 11 factories dedicated to commercial kitchen ventilation around the world. Our teams constantly share knowledge and rely on workers who have a wide and unique know-how in stainless steel shaping. They are well-versed to stretch the limits of creativity as far as possible while maintaining premium efficiency! This ability is recognised by professionals, particularly as part of hotels, casinos and resorts projects.

Halton has a broad range of technologies, some being display-kitchen-specific, that ensure the guests are impressed as much by the architectural vision as the comfort they benefit from during their culinary experience.

New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Japan

And yet, this is not an easy task as display kitchens ventilation is most of the time combined with other ventilation systems. Here comes Halton’s engineering in. Our experts make sure our systems harmoniously fit the whole picture while contributing to the highest value of ownership.

Halton’s solutions assets

  • Custom solutions without compromise on efficiency.
  • Standard solutions specifically developed for display kitchens and front cooking.
  • Smart cloud based services by Halton for peace of mind.
  • Global solutions for the highest value of ownership.